Jub Jub decided to donate the profit for "Ndikhokhele" Remix to the family of the kids he killed

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Its been a decade now since jub jub killed school kids by car accident and he was later arrested for it and he serve the time in prison.

Jub jub said he will donate all the profits for his hit to those families, the rap artist said he want those families to take him as their kids and he will also help them with whatever he can. Jub jub feels that it's his duty to help those families after the accident that was caused by him and his friends when they were racing and end up killing four kids and left two mentally disturbed.

The artist has just started going to studio to do the remake of his classic hit "Ndikhokhele " and he said he will he featuring some if Mzansie's greatest singer. The rapper made an announcement duting press conference at Cotton Lounge north of Johannesburg. In the song he will be featuring the likes of Benjamin Dube, Lebo Skgobela, Judith Siphuma and Black Diamond, Nathi.

He made an interview with TshisaLive and he even said he never thought he will be able to stand infront of the people and be able to talk to press about the incidents. Jub Jub said all he need is to help those families, he said he knows that he can't replace those kids to their parents but all he can do to help them support their families whenever they need help.

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