Kenyans Attack Kandara MP After She Posted These Photos


Kenyans have attacked Kandara member of parliament Alice Wahome after she posted this photos on her Facebook page. 

She posted "Attending church service in the company of Dr. William Samoei Ruto and fellow leaders at The New Breed City Chapel, Kiambu Road," 

Wahome is a staunch supporter of the deputy president William Samoei Ruto's presidential bid.

But his bid has been rubbished by the dynasties led by COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli and Jubilee party vice chairman who have termed him as corrupt and cannot be trusted with the country's leadership.

She is also a big critique of president Uhuru Kenyatta's administration and the Building Bridges Initiative which was recently annulled by the High Court judges who termed it as null and void. 

Joseph Bin Ngugi says "Mama your presence in church will one day bring can you be taking pictures and disrupting the service and expect God's blessing let's honour god.i came in peace,"

Matheri Kamau says "No news there everyone attend his/her church of choice, publicity will kill you,"

Mboroki Edward says "A Good move Uncle Willy, may the Lord hear every prayer that you make today,"

"John Mumoh Barasa says "God is love, and peace.Mko church na mkitoka hapo topic ni matusi Kwa viongozi wengine kama Uhuru na Raila.God is never mocked,"

Sam Wawaithaka "It's ashaming when President's camp and his Deputy camp keep on fighting during their mandate,Jubilee Uhuruto administration 🙄.They,President and his Deputy, has no courtesy or manners promoting disunity among themselves and their followers .They should not be taken as serious leaders.They are poor and selfish leaders who should not be given any other chance to lead Kenya.What is difficult for them to sit down and resolve??"

Wycliffe Juma says "Politicians go to church for fame the truth they don't know what church is n most of them don't know who is God. The last president Moi at no single time did he address people inside a church he knew very well how holy church is trust me. Let church be for men n women of God. But hii ujinga muna peleke kwa madhabau one day u will pay for it,"