Top Five(5) Most Visited Websites In Ghana


In Ghana, there are so many websites where Ghanaians love to visit at their own conveniences. The internet is the order of the day and it is the second home of the youth today. Let is look at the top five most visited website in Ghana.


This is the most popular and most visited website in Ghana and even across the globe. It has billions of visitors daily. It is a search engine which links us to other websites at ease. Some say it is the home of internet. All other websites in the world falls under this makes Google the most visited and popular website in Ghana. 


The second most visited website in Ghana is YouTube. A lot of Ghanaians love to visit this site because of the contents it produces. It is a website where you can stream and watch videos of all kind. It is the home of videos. Ghanaians do upload their videos content there and watch their views on each content increase.


The biggest social media across the globe is It has a lot of visitors daily from Ghana and beyond. 


This is the only educational website that made the list. All the above are also educational websites though but is a website of a university. It has a lot of views daily because of the total number of students in the university. The university is University of Education, Winneba