Check Out The Reaction Of Ghanaians As A Picture Of This Couple Drops Online.


Love is an interesting movie to watch. They say love is blind. I never believed it till I saw an image of a couple. The man was a giant whiles his wife was very smallish and very cute. Whatever that informed the decision of their marriage is rather an interesting one.

I have heard of situations when people of the opposite gender have different preferences for people who they intend to have as their partner. I once interviewed a basketball player who was very tall, to be precise. He claimed that his choice of wife will be informed by the height of the lady. The reason for this choice is best known to him.

Another lady I interviewed stated that he wanted a man who she can hear his heartbeat whenever she rests on his shoulders. Funny right. This indeed shows that the world is modernizing. This is because, in the past, height was not a criteria for the selection of a partner. It was rather wealth.

Check out the picture of the couples and the reactions that followed after the picture was dropped online.