Must Watch: We Don't Know What Is Happening To Our Family | Omar's Wife Tells Her Story.


Omar's wife

In life, some situations will forever remain an unforgettable tale to some people because their source will still be difficult to tell by humanity. Until the right person tells his story, the one in good health thinks that everything in this world is okay. Today's article is about the story of a man called Omar and his two children do not know what is happening to their family. Meet the family whose story shocked the world.

Omar is in a very difficult situation that has affected his identity and physical appearance. This has changed Omar's name to "Giturugunya" which in his local dialect means someone with different face.

According to Omar, no one in his family had been affected by this disease. He is the only victim of this terrible situation that he is undergoing.

Omar was born normal like anyone else, but a few years after his birth, things started to change. At age 3, Omar started getting headaches which continued for some time. Later, Omar's muscle started growing on his head but at that moment, it was normal, and they never took it to be something serious. His condition kept worsening each day.

Omar's parents took him to the hospital for medication, but the doctors could not tell what was happening to him. They kept on giving him painkillers and after no improvement, they told his parents he needed to undergo surgery, but they could not afford the bills.

At an older age, Omar went to the hospital, and they carried out the surgery on him but still changed nothing at all. One side of his face continued being affected. After the surgery failed, there was no money for him to be taken to a much bigger hospital, so they took him home since there was nothing they could do about it.

With Omar's facial deformity, there was no way that he could go to school because other children would bully and tease him. His pain was another thing to worry about, so he stayed home.

Omar grew up and turned into a man that was ready for marriage but even wanted to be friends with him. This means every girl he got close to, rejected him at first sight because of his appearance until he met Majab.

According to Majab, she met Omar with a lot of depression after being rejected by a lot of women, so she decided to be friends with him which later grew into a relationship, and before they knew it, it finally turned into marriage.

Omar was very poor and disabled when he asked of Majab's hand in marriage. Majab knew very well that if rejected Omar's proposal, no woman would have married him, so he accepted and decided to spend the rest of her life with him.

Majab is called stupid and foolish by her family member for going in for a man with a facial disability like Omar, but she gave them a deaf ear and stuck to her decision. She later got pregnant and Omar was so happy because they were expecting her their first child.

Majab thought she was going to have a normal baby and everything would be fine, but those were her words of encouragement but in reality, things turned out to be something else.

Majab gave birth to a baby boy and upon looking at him, he was also disabled because the size of his face was not balances at all. A few years later, their son underwent minor surgery and got improved, but his situation keeps worsening as he grows. At school, children bully him and call him names.

Majab gave birth to her second-born. Her case was very bad and even worse than what she has seen.

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