God Forbid But If My Mother Passes I Might Join Her - Fatima Tells Zion Felix In An Interview


"Not all that glitters is gold" as the saying goes, and not everybody in the limelight now has/had it easy. Fatima has been the center of attention for the past weeks due to her authenticity and being real, however, an interview with Zion Felix has revealed her sad backstory in life.

In the interview, she reveals that she has been staying in a Children or Foster Home for the past 19 years meanwhile she had parents. That piece of information greatly surprised the interviewer (Zion) and viewers who watched the program. She then goes on to add that she was totally neglected by her father, who as she states never stepped foot at Foster Home not even to check up on her or her upbringing.

She goes on to narrate the sad story saying that it was her mom who throughout the years struggled to cater for her the best way she could. She reveals that she ended up staying at the Children's home due to financial constraints and due to the split relationship of her parents.

She adds that due to the neglect from her father, she has no emotional ties to him, and even when he passed she felt no remorse. She added just to be clear that she wasn't happy he passed, but she was not sad either.

She then revealed on the contrary that and in her words "God forbid, if it was my mother who passed, I would be deeply saddened, I might even join her" implying that the love she has for her mother is beyond measure and she can't stand to lose her.

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