BBNaija: Angel And Her Bestie, Jaypaul, Show Off Some Hot Moves In Her New Apartment

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Season six finalist Shine Ye Eye Angel appears to be in a new friendship with Jaypaul as their videos portray a well-established friendship between the two.

In a video seen on Instagram, the duo were spotted performing to their favorite background tune in Angel's new home. The beautifully and lovingly furnished house is the new permanent apartment that Angel revealed she has finally been able to afford.

Angel's friendship with Jaypaul led some fans to complain that Jaypaul would be dumped soon after his usefulness ended. Remember while in the BBNaija house, Cross was Angel's best friend, after which problems arose between them, which led Cross to reveal some observed attitudes about him.

Angel's actions in the house shattered him because he felt he had been used. Cross said Angel is a good gaming player who knows when to approach someone and how to use someone when needed.

Given that attitude, that's what worried people about her dropping Jaypaul after their friendship lasted for a while.

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