The Story Of Sammy Kioko And Tom Daktari That Will Inspire Many (Churchill Show, NTV)


Success is not achieved easily. It involves turns and twists that lead people through hard times but the secret is to never give up. Tonight on Churchill Show, Sammy and Tom were the guests giving the story of their lives. It is heartbreaking and inspiring to know what the two have been through.

Sammy talked of having to drop out of school sometimes to go find his school fees. He also explained how he tried selling shoes in Nairobi it failed. He went to many auditions to try and secure a comedy slot on Churchill show but he always failed.

Tom recalled his first day in high school when he felt demoralized seeing that other students had what he never had. He was heartbroken when his mother could only afford to give him fifty shillings as his pocket money. He tried several businesses that failed.

Right now, these two comedians are one of the most influential people on YouTube in Kenya. They have secured places on shows like Churchill and have made people laugh.

This is supposed to inspire people out there to keep pushing despite the challenges.

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Source: NTV Kenya.