Vera Sidika Spills The Beans on Why She Breakup With Tanzania Doctor


Vera Sidika and her previous lover,Chansa Jimmy from neighboring country Tanzania. According to her, they met while in Tanzania. They started dating and finally, they fall into deep romantic love. They had stayed for 5 months.

Besides, she says that when someone meets her companion after initial heartbreak it feels like no one else, and resisting is difficult. Her relationship with a guy from Nigeria was abusive that's why she had to break up with him.

Her current relationship with Chansa has been up and downs despite maintaining the secrets of their relationship. Many of her friends thought that her boyfriend was a humble and cool guy but she narrates that he was hiding in public but when they were together that is time he will unveil himself.

She quotes saying, "Saddest thing about this relationship is that people thought he was the most innocent, decent person I ever dated. I'd too until the real person unveiled the things I went through and saw wash! I have never been shocked in my life out of all my relationships."

Vera narrated this as she added that her boyfriend was always doing unbelievable things to her and she has been keeping silent until today she had to disclose to the public.

She said if it was not for maturity and respect, She could have refilled all she saw her boyfriend, Chansa doing. Finally, they had to break in addition to other reasons she did not disclose here.