12 Possible Reasons Why Men Hide Their Feelings


It's not true that men are emotionless or significantly colder than women, but it's a well-known fact that men perceive things differently. There are many reasons for them to express their feelings seemingly less than women. Culture has a vast influence on us, and men have always wanted to be tough and brave because it's in our culture. A man also has feelings, but he shows them in a different way. So, why do men hide their feelings? Here are the six main reasons for them to do so.

1. They need more time to understand their feelings

Men don't analyze emotions as much as women do, and that's okay. Men are just slightly different. When they feel something, they don't pay much attention to it at first, but as time passes by, they realize that something's going on inside of them. Then they start to think about it more. The main reason for this is that men are just simple and don't think too much. Sometimes, they don't even realize that they feel a strong emotion. As a partner, you should have understanding, and you shouldn't condemn your man's nature. Be patient and wait for him to figure some things out on his own.

2. They are scared of their feelings being used

Since men don't pay too much attention to feelings, it hurts them really bad when someone takes advantage of their feelings. I know a lot of men who came out of some relationships completely shattered. There is also a high possibility that most of them have experienced something like this before, and due to that, they choose to hide their emotions. Women usually have their feelings hurt more often, and since they are naturally more sensitive, that makes them more resilient to emotional pain. Trust me, men also have feelings, but if they've had bad experiences in the past, they might be much harder to reach.

3. They just have their own unique ways of expressing emotions

Men and women are completely different, and there's no doubt in that. We think, and even feel differently. Furthermore, we all have different personalities, so the way we express emotions can vary a lot. Maybe you think that your man feels nothing towards you, but you might be misinterpreting what he says and does. Maybe he has his own, completely unique way of showing affection. Maybe he tries to provide for you and make you laugh, instead of cuddling or saying sweet words. True emotions are not expressed with words, anyway.

4. Their emotional bonds take longer

Men tend to take much longer than women to get in touch with their emotions. That’s why a woman is often ready to go full-speed-ahead and he is stalling like mad! It isn’t that he’s stalling. He just really isn’t there yet. This can quickly become a problem! One of the worst things you can do is push things at this stage. A man has to come around to the idea on his own.

5. He is waiting on you

Let’s assume a man gets through the first four reasons for hiding his emotions. He is ready to wear his heart on his sleeve and say those three little words. Now the ball is in your court. The right man will wait for you to show him that it’s okay to fall in love. He will wait until you show him it is okay to share everything he thinks and feels. But once you give him that green light, look out! A man who has moved past the four big reasons for hiding his emotions is a man who is READY to move forward.

6. There Is No More Chase and Thrill If He Doesn’t Hide His Feelings.

It has been proven time and time again that having a mysterious vibe is great for attracting someone. We are attracted to the unknown. Not only that, we have a huge desire to be accepted and wanted. The logic here is that if I don’t know how you feel but I have a feeling that you’re interested, I am going to dig a little deeper to find out. You like the idea of someone showing you interest. If that is the case, why would you tell anyone and give up that power? That is how a lot of men feel.

7. Maybe He Doesn’t Have Feelings At All

This is harsh but happens a lot more than you think. Just because he’s smiling and having fun doesn’t mean he’s interested. There should ALWAYS be something physical involved. If there is not, congrats, you’re in the friend zone. Hopefully I shed some light on why a guy hides his feelings from you. Comment below and let me know if you have any more insight on why a guy isn’t opening up.

8. They get scared of their feelings.

Let’s assume that a man understands perfectly what he feels but he decides to hide his feelings. Why is that so? It is probably because he’s scared of what he feels.He’s scared of his feelings because he’s totally overwhelmed by them. Falling in love is something that changes us completely and many people (especially men) are afraid of the things they have no control over. Men need more time to get in touch with their emotions. Believe it or not, contrary to women, men definitely need more time to get in touch with their emotions. Let’s suppose that a man and a woman have been on several dates by now and they’re really crazy about each other and they would like to spend time together. But who do you think will be crazier in love? The man or the woman? Of course, it is always the woman and this is not a coincidence.

9. They don’t want to lose power and appear too vulnerable.

Remember what I said about boys pretending to be rough and tough warriors devoid of emotions? Well, that is one of the biggest reasons why men hide their feelings. They don’t want to lose power and appear too vulnerable in front of someone they like because they are taught to exhibit their masculine traits only. They are convinced that if they show a woman what they really feel, they will appear too sensitive which (according to them) is not an attractive trait to have because they are men and they are supposed to be rough and tough.

10. He doesn't feel comfortable around you.

If he actually likes you but isn’t comfortable around you yet, then you should understand where he’s coming from. He doesn’t feel comfortable enough to talk to you about how he feels and to explain his emotions. For all he knows, you could laugh in his face instead of trying to listen. Just give him some time and space.You should focus on creating a safe space for him to figure out his feelings and talk to you about them.

11. He is afraid of heartbreak.

We all hate it when our heart gets broken. Heartbreak hurts like hell, so why would we want to intentionally go into a situation that might hurt? Instead he’s hiding his feelings and waiting for them to either go away on their own or for you to make the first move. Either way, you can’t make him say what he’s feeling without creating a safe space for him first. I know it seems like a lot of work, but men do have a harder time getting out of their shell and being more vulnerable.

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