"Can You Allow Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Stay Overnight At Your Best Friend’s House?" - Lady Asks


Due to many relationship issues and lack of trust between partners, many men would never allow their girlfriend to get too close with their male friends due to the belief that something intimate may happen between them. Also, some women may not want to introduce their boyfriend to their female friend due to the thought that her boyfriend may start liking her friend or may end up cheating on her.

It may also be very difficult for a man to allow his wife or girlfriend to sleepover at the house of his male friend. The same thing applies to ladies. However, some people trust their partner so much that they can allow them to sleep over at their friend's house without any problem or disagreement but such a person is rare.

Meanwhile, a lady has asked her followers if any of them would allow their girlfriend or boyfriend to sleepover at their friend's house for a night. She wrote this statement on her media page, saying: "Can you allow your boyfriend or girlfriend stay overnight at YOUR best friend’s house?". This question has generated many reactions. See what some people have to say.

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