Which is better, living within, above, below or creating a means?

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Gone are those days when employment came looking for a specific person. In those times, knowing to speak English or Swahili could land you in a lucrative job.  These days, life is benchmarking on Darwin's theory "survival for the fittest"  where papers and connections applies and if not entrepreneurship for smart people. Going to school and acquiring some knowledge is good, nonetheless higher education isn't for everyone, and neither hustling also do for everybody.

To be successful, there are several things that one need to put into consideration i.e. living within, above, below or creating the means

Living within the means implies that you are restricted by your earnings. If 1000 is your salary, then the budget will go in hand with that amount. While on the other hand, living above your mean involves spending more than you earn which result in bigger debts. 

Creating the means puts into consideration all possible ways that can satisfy your budget. This make an individual ever industrious, however if you're not wise enough to save, creating will be an endless circle. To avoid the situation, learn to create mean, limit the expenditure,  save and invest.

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