"Tutakuangusha Na Kukusindikiza Uende..." President Uhuru Told By An Angry Leader


President Uhuru Kenyatta has always tried his best to make Kenya a better place. He has been seen hardworking despite pandemic challenges so as to leave a legacy behind. But there are those people who would constantly fight him and one of those people is former Mukuruweini Member of Parliament Kabando Wa Kabando. He has been throwing all kinds of insults and criticism on Uhuru . In his twitter post he talked of the heartless eviction of poor Nairobi residents.

The law maker as if this were not enough went ahead and ask the head of state to return back to ICC. This are one among other reasons that uhuru kenyatta left twitter.

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Most people seem to be including dp Ruto in Jubilee's mess but Ruto is not among the decision makers, ever since the pandemic hit the country he is not involved in any decisions made by the government, hope you all know that! As 2022 nears kenyans should expect Changed in political scenes, allies becoming enemies as enemies become allies.

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