Angry Facebook User Blasts Reno Omokri For Saying Buhari Has Taken Nigeria Back To The 80s


Reactions and criticisms have not ceased following the recent ban of giant social media platform, Twitter in Nigeria by the Federal Government under president Buhari.

One of those Nigerians who have continuously condemned the action of the Federal Government and have reacted to it, is Reno Omokri.

But while reacting to one of Reno's recent post on Facebook, a Facebook user, Bashir Yusuf Nakwakuti blasted the controversial activist for saying that president Buhari has taken Nigeria back to the 80s.

Nakwakuti who commented on Reno's post, described the post as a senseless write-up, he said there is nothing Reno can do because he is absolutely frustrated by this current administration.

Read his full statement here

His reaction came after Reno accused president Buhari of taking Nigeria back to the 80s following his ban on Twitter and other platforms which Nigerians were using to get information and to earn a living.

Read Reno's criticism


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