SAPS Arrests A Most Dangerous Hijacking Group That Has Been Wanted For A While

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The gang that has been hijacking cars in Mdantsane has been apprehended thanks to the police, this couldn’t have come at a better time especially considering the fact that it is great news all around.

We know that the festive season comes with it a lot of crime being committed around the country tourists have to be careful, and ordinary members of the cuff public have to also be careful whenever they are navigating their way around the country.

This doesn't even come as a surprise to many of us, because we know that the season is upon us as you can say the crime rate is even starting to increase and this is clearly seen by the crime being committed around the country in several areas.

And this crime is getting even praising however the police are also conducting their operations effecting arrests, yhat they have to on the criminals who are committing all these heinous acts.

It is clear that the suspects are so used to getting caught that they do not show any remorse in their face you can tell that none of them is even shameful of what they have been doing, they're just waiting to finish the process is with the police officers.

Because they know that the police won't help them in order for them to move on to something else, and this is further exacerbated by the fact that our courts are completely negligent when it comes to this matters they tend to be very lenient on criminals.

This is owing to the apartheid state laws that the people of this country have adopted because of the way that the past government officials and those who were in power before, were looking out for themselves in order to not get prosecuted for the crimes that they committed children that period.

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