Christiano Snubs An Everton Player Asking For His Shirt For Allegedly Mocking His Celebration

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Christiano Ronaldo has been on a goal-scoring streak since his arrival at Man United. Teams all over England have been put on notice. Man United commenced its season with a 5-1 whooping of Leeds United. This was around the time that Christiano Ronaldo's transfer to Man United had hit the media stations. Ronaldo announced his return back to the English Premier League with two spectacular goals against Newcastle.

However, Ronaldo's time at Man United have not all been without any blemish. First, Man United suffered a 2-1 loss to Young Boys in the UCL. Then Man United went on to drop points when they lost to Aston Villa 0-1.

In today's EPL match against Everton, the fans were expecting a killer performance. However, they were amazed when Ronaldo, Pogba, and Sancho were all on the bench while the likes of Fred were on the starting lineup. Ronaldo was eventually brought in to replace Edison Cavani on the 57th minute. The fans heaved a sigh of relief only for Andrew Townsend to steal the lead away from Man United.

To make it worse, he went on to pull off the Ronaldo 'Siuuuuuu' celebration crashing Man United's and Ronaldo's heart in the process. After the match, Ronaldo was witnessed storming away from the field in range. Townsend tried to stop him to exchange shirts but Christiano just snubbed him. Later during an interview, Andrew Townsend revealed that Christiano is his idol and he was so glad to imitate his celebration in his presence. He went on to add that he should have taken more time to practice the celebration.

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