The Best Taifa Leo Headlines That Have Always Left Kenyans Baffled


Taifa Leo which loosely translates to " Nation today" is a Swahili-language newspaper that is published from Kenya and was founded in 1958. It is well known for how it covers up-to-date news analysis on business news, features and sports, entertainment, social issues and many more.

Most Kenyans actually prefer the newspaper because of its entertaining contents such as Dondoo za Hapa na Pale', 'Wazo Bonzo' and 'Shangazi' which not only bring laughter but also offers emotional relief due to its funny love stories. Besides, scholars too use it as a tool for literature review in Swahili language development.

Apart from all this, Taifa Leo has always been known for its bold political headlines that usually leaves Kenyans yearning for more. With me, today I managed to gather some of their best well phrased headings and they are as follows.

These are just but a few that I managed to gather. Do you think Taifa Leo has the best headlines in Kenya? Kindly feel free to share your most appreciated comments. As you await for more stories, thank you for finding time to read this. Be blessed.