See what Tinubu said in 1997 that may affect his alleged presidential Ambition in 2023

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The statement made by the National leader and elder statesman of the All Progressive Congress(APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu, about the unity of Nigeria is currently making the rounds on social media platforms.

Bola Tinubu, in an exclusive interview held at his residence in London with Ayo Arowolo of This Day Newspaper, on April 13 1997, was quoted as saying that he doesn't believe in one Nigeria.

This statement came at the time when the ex-senator was on exile in London because of the two treason charges hanging on his neck, as a result of his unrepentant involvement in pro-democracy activism in Nigeria.

You recall there had been many indications and insinuations in different quarters which shows that Ahmed Bola Tinubu may be nursing a presidential ambition come 2023.

When the Oshiomhole led APC National working committee(NWC) was dissolved by the National Executive Committee(NEC) of the party, many said it was going to affect Tinubu's presidential ambition. But Tinubu came out to dismiss the insinuations that the dissolution of the NWC would affect his presidential ambition. See link below

Also the closed door meeting held between Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and president Buhari on January 7, 2020 over an alleged plan to block his presidential ambition is another pointer to the fact that the APC National leader may indeed be nursing a presidential ambition.

As the presidential ambition of the ex-governor of Lagos state is becoming clearer, the interview he granted years ago while he was in exile in London has suddenly surfaced on social media.

The caption of the news paper reads: 'I don't believe in one Nigeria' -Tinubu

Many are already criticising him over this statement he made years ago, and there are indications that his opponent may ride on the sentiments being generated by this statement to score a political point as we journey towards 2023 presidential race in Nigeria

Do you think that this statement would affect Tinubu's presidential ambition in anyway? Kindly make your opinion known at the comment section.

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