Top reasons why wives cheat on their husbands

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So many married women cheat on their husbands for various reasons.

1. Boredom

Let’s just say that boredom can kill married women. Unless she has reached a certain level of maturity even an adult woman will feel bored to death. If she can not get fun and adventure from her husband, she will look for someone who can give it to her.

2. Intimacy

Let’s not beat around the bush on this one. Intimacy is the reason most relationships break. Women need good intimacy even if you do not feel like doing it. Moreover, feeling exhausted after a grueling day’s routine is no excuse for not having good sex. And if she does not get it from her husband, she will certainly be tempted to try elsewhere

3. Lack of Variety

Routine can kill a relationship. Doing the same thing over and over again will certainly bring dullness into a relationship. After years of marriage with a dutiful, loving husband raising kids among other family commitments, it’s hard to get variety.

4. Independence

For a woman, lack of independence is counter-intuitive. In fact, a married woman may feel confined, enslaved, unloved or untrusted if she does not get independence. Women crave for the independence to think, make decisions and mingle with other women and men freely. For women, love and trust go hand in hand. So, a married woman may feel you do not truly love her if you do not trust her enough to give her independence.

Being overly possessive about your wife, you are in fact, pushing her away from you, to the convenience and advantage of other men.

5. Infidelity

If a married woman suspects that her husband has been cheating on her for some time, she will not hesitate to cheat just to get even. It’s a way of revenge. Infidelity amounts to a betrayal of trust and married women who are victims feel they also have a right to reciprocate the same on their husbands.

6. Neglect

A woman may feel neglected by her husband if he works long hours or travels for business on a regular basis, or maybe her husband is emotionally unavailable for prolonged periods of time. If a married woman feels underappreciated, neglected, or ignored she will feel more like a housekeeper or nanny than a wife or girlfriend. So she will seek an external source of satisfaction to fill the missing void.

7. Money

In the modern setting, finances play a very important role not only for survival but also for maintaining a steadfast face socially. Lack of money therefore, gives a strong incentive for cheating. Women are also human and therefore they need providence, protection, and security. Besides, there are certain things a woman cannot live without, like her makeup, her hair, and beauty.

If they don’t have it and the husband is also struggling to get money, you can bet your last dime that the wife will do everything possible to survive, including cheating on her husband just to get money.

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