Aging in humans accidentally reversed in record-breaking study


A new study has suggested that scientists might be able to reverse process of aging.

Volunteers who were given a cocktail of drugs in the interval of a year actually aged backwards – becoming on average 2.5 years younger according to the new study.

The scientists involved were left suprised by the results.

Scientists warned that the study was conducted with limited number of participants: only nine people took the drug cocktail and furthermore there was no control group used in the study. But when confirmed by further research it could lead to a huge breakthrough on healthcare, treatment of disease and how people think about aging.

In the study, participants were given a growth hormone and two diabetes medications. Scientists then monitored the test subjects to understand the cocktails’ effect on how they aged.

Research had actually intended to observe how the growth hormone would change the tissue in the thymus gland. It was only as a secondary consideration that researchers then checked on how the drugs changed how people aged.

Professor Horvath, a professor, in the research discovered that each of the patients’ age had reduced significiantly that he is optimistic about the results, despite the limited number of participants.

Scientists now hope to test the same effects with more people through a controlled study, and with variation included like different age groups, genders and races.

The changes could still be observed in six of the participants’ blood long after the study had been concluded.

Some of the drugs used in the cocktail are already being researched as ways of fighting diseases associated with age. But the discovery of the combined effect of three of them serve as a major breakthrough on how variety of drugs are tested.