Meet, Bella Hadid, the most beautiful woman in the world

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Bella Hadid is the most beautiful woman in the world (2021). According to "Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi", she has presentable facial features.

The super model is an American. She was born in October 9, 1996 and has been active as a model since 2012. She has several model awards as her achievement in the field.

Bella is a versatile lady who started as an equestrian. She then decided to learn photography before becoming a model.

The said model is not really confident. She has had to deal with negative comments from bullies. Most people think that she complemented her body parts. But Bella has refuted these allegations.

Bella learned the act of beauty from her mother. Her family didn't see putting on makeup as priority, but they still focused on skin care. There was also a time when she thought she was a “tomboy”. At the age of sixteen, Bella would dye her hair with different colours and put on crazy makeup.

When she was a teenager, Bella was bothered about her small waist and big hips. She also had a weird face. These features were concerns because she was being bullied for having them.

Despite having all these challenges, Bella is still a super model. She is successful in her field and also a role model to many.

The opinion that people have about you should not count. You have the right to feel loved or hated.

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