"Stop Bossing Yourselves" Ohangla Maestro Sends This Uncoded Message to Fellow Artists


Luo Ohangla Maestro Musa Jakadalla has sent a strong uncoded message to his fellow artists in the entertainment industry in regards to the current situation in the industry.

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In his message, Jakadalla has called out fellow artists to stop Bossing themselves in the industry, whether upcoming or already established.

He has called on fellow artists to grab opportunities whenever they come and come to terms with the fact that the entertainment industry is a competitive industry.

"My fellow artists (Jothum) whether you're an upcoming artist or a big fish fight for your space, stop bossing yourselves, and when the opportunity passes now you start filling the petitions because other people got it, we're in a competitive industry, claim your creative heritage," Ohangla Maestro Musa Jakadalla said.

(Photo, Courtesy)

He has added that artists should pick themselves up and change direction in order to acknowledge their worth by inventing their own dreams whenever possible.

" Time is now stand up dust off yourself change the direction, start it even if it's all garbage, you can't improve on a blank canvas, sometimes when the opportunity doesn't knock you just build a door, yes you can, do it!" Jakadalla added.


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