7 Most Dangerous Plants You Should Stay Away From at All Cost


Plants usually look harmless but don't be deceived, some plants have high concentrations of poison, most adults won't really pay attention or go around playing with them, but kids will do due to their curiosity. The following are some plants you will need to watch out for during hiking, or even on your compound.


Black and red elders are very toxic, most parts of the elder parts are very toxic, and it is recommended to always wash your hands in case you touch any. Ripe black elderberries are not usually toxic and are usually used to make pies and even beverages


Despite its beautiful flowers and fragrance, this plant usually contains cardiac glycosides, the reason why it is very dangerous, if ingested it can cause weakness, alter your heart rate and even be a cause of death.

Wolf's bane or Aconite

Mostly they have blue, yellow, or purple flowers, but their beauty should not deceive you cos in the ancient world they were used to poisoning arrows, its poison can cause cardiac arrest, numbness, and even death.


It mostly resembles potatoes and even potatoes, but it's because they are of the same class, this plant usually has alkaloids which are very dangerous because they can cause palpitations and disorientation.

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