Pray This Prayer And See The Next Mercies In Your Life.


Hello dear brothers and sisters, how are you all doing today? By the grace almighty each and every one is fine in life. Today we are coming to pray for our success. Before you can get success in life unless you pass through the righteous way whereby there is no problem about it.

What can make you success or will somebody see from you that, the person can say that this person is a successful person. All is money. Today we are going to pray for money. Please take this prayer very serious because it's going to happen before this week, month and this year get to an end.

Let Pray, Father of heaven and earth, who created everything on this earth Lord God. This time get me strong angels who are going to protect me, protect my children and my family. Lord God kindly get me a very strong angel who is going to watch all my properties for me.

My request, get me money. On this earth money is used to do everything Lord God, with money l can not get peace, joy, happiness and other more.Wherever the money is located, let your angles bring it now. Whoever has been given a contract against me in my family or friends, let your angles all that evil spirit in my life forever and put them into your fire, from the day to night forever and ever LordGod.

As I continue praying, Lord God wherever l go, stay, and move to, let the money located me in my life. When l sleep, let me dream of money, when l move out from my room, let your favour locate me and it come physical into my hands. Let your angles direct the money into my life. Lord God after given me the money, let your blood protect the money and my life. Let your angles be with me day in and day out. Do it for me now so that i can also offer some to those who don't have. And they can also see the mercies. Thank you for doing it for me.

Thank you for your protect everything for me. With the Mathew name l pray Amen. If you believe in this prayer, comment Thank you for the money. Amen. Please don't keep it in your self, Kindly like, and share and you will also received yours from it. God bless you for sharing it to another person.

Please whenever you are ready to sleep. Think of money for about one hour before you sleep and let see the how God is going to directe you to get you money.