Prayer: Father, Please Give Me The Strength To Build Your Kingdom Here On Earth

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"So we erected the wall," and all the wall was brought together to the half thereof, for the people were willing to work." (Nehemiah 4:6)

Read: Nehemiah 2: 18–20 

The discourager is the adversary of every good builder. As we saw in today's passage, Nehemiah was determined to restore Jerusalem after it had been destroyed; but, he was met with opposition! When you set your mind to accomplish something good for God, you may be shocked to encounter opposition to your efforts. We shouldn't be afraid of Nehemiah, and we shouldn't be afraid of us. With the blessing of my father-in-the-Lord, I prepared a program with the objective of bringing souls to the Kingdom as a young minister in the Church.

When a senior pastor learned of it, he decided to pick a fight with me. I was taken aback since I had expected praise rather than censure. I couldn't see how winning souls could lead to sacrilege. As a result, I informed the General Superintendent of the situation, but he instructed me to go to the senior pastor and urge him to let the event go on! I obeyed, despite the fact that I had no reason to do so other than my father-in-the-Lord had requested me to. I'm grateful I did.

You'll notice that Nehemiah's power was veiled in his prayer life as you read through the book of Nehemiah. He prayed to the God who gave him the vision to build throughout, and he was fortified as a result ( Nehemiah 4 : 1 - 4 ). Jesus Christ utilized prayer to help Him overcome the difficulties of His mission to save the world ( Luke 22 :41-44 ). So, when you're certain of what the Lord wants you to do, go ahead and do it with all your might, but don't forget to pray about it.

There are numerous lessons in this narrative for those who are opposed to good things. You will live to regret your actions if you stand in opposition to what God does or intends to do. You should be aware that what you believe should not happen or is impossible to attain will occur and succeed. You should also be aware that you will not be present on the day of the celebration.

It's worth remembering the narrative of the 24-hour miracle that ended the starvation in Samaria ( 2 Kings 7 : 18 - 20 ). After a long period of famine in Samaria, the man of God foretold super-abundance, but a powerful minister in the king's cabinet stated it was impossible. He witnessed it, but he did not partake of it, according to the man of God's word. In Jesus' name, may this not be your lot. Let us work together to make our country a better place. Let us stop criticizing our political and economic systems in such a damaging way. Instead, let us create our nation via prayer, and in Jesus' name, we will see and taste the good of the land.

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