What Botha Said About The New Orlando Pirates Head Coach.

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Riveiro backed to create winning formula at Pirates

After being introduced over the weekend, the new head coach of the Orlando Pirates, Jose Riveiro, has been the subject of some illuminating commentary and analysis.

Riveiro has an excellent understanding of the game, and he deserves to be given the opportunity to present his work rather than just being criticized and called names. This would be more fair than the alternative.

This is the opinion of Ryan Botha, a retired South African footballer who played two different stints with FC Inter Turku, one of Riveiro's previous employers, located in Finland.

Botha is well-versed in the Northern European nation due to the fact that he has competed for four different clubs in the region.

Riveiro has lived and worked in Finland for the past eight years after moving there from Vigo, Spain, his hometown. At the time, he was terrified of flying and drove the 73 hours it took to get to Finland instead of taking a flight.

"He has previous experience working for the powerful club FC Inter. Someone who has been coaching there for three years will be someone who has a good knowledge of the game because he has also been involved in the UEFA club competitions qualifiers, which means that he has competed at a high level. If you have been coaching there for three years, you will be someone who has a good knowledge of the game. That is what matters, "Botha explains it to KickOff.

"He is someone who will be able to build a winning formula at Pirates since he is coming from really difficult conditions in Finland, where it is cold. In other words, he is coming from a place where it is very difficult to win.

"If the players for the Pirates buy into his concept, then we are in for a treat when it comes to the football they play in front of us.

"He has also worked for HJK, which is the most successful team in Finland and participates in the Champions League qualifiers. During his time there, the club won the league twice when he was an assistant coach.

"Given that he has previously worked for two really successful and well-known clubs in Finland, I believe it is imperative that you afford this individual the opportunity to demonstrate what he is capable of bringing to the table.

"There is no reason to hold such unfavorable opinions on a man whom you do not even know. I am aware that we all have a propensity to be judgmental and negative, but I believe that he deserves a chance because those who brought him to our attention found something in him that they believe will be beneficial to the team.

"This kid has the potential to inject some new life and vigor into our football team. Because not all good managers have the kind of massive profile that Jose Mourinho does, this could be a coach who fits in well with our tradition.

According to Botha, who is currently the manager of Hout Bay United in the Western Cape ABC Motsepe League, "Finland is not a terrible league because they are a country with players in the English Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue One." Botha made this statement while he was coaching in the league.

Botha did, however, express some misgivings in this regard.

"The main challenge will come with knowing the South African players and the culture since that is what the majority of European managers seem to struggle with," Botha noted. "The South African players and the culture are very different from what we are used to."



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