'Hio Kiatu Ya Deputy President' Netizens Compliment Ruto's Shoe


William Samoei Ruto, Kenya's deputy president has been applauded severally for getting to be present in hearing and helping out the local mwananchi.

However, he has also had his failures that annoy netizens sometimes.

Kenyan artistes led by Kaligraph Jones,the OG,got to request for a meeting with the deputy president.He did not let them down.A good number of artistes also showed up.Some were,Willy Paul,Jalang'o and Dj Joe Mfalme.

The aim of the meeting was for the artistes to air their concerns and come up with suggestions and proposals that would get to improve their hustle.

This is because the creative industry is one of the most affected industries by the ongoing state of the country.

Musicians cannot hold events, comedians cannot have live stand up comedies,deejays cannot be in events.This sums up to almost no money making chances for the industry.

The artistes requested to receive special government funds and also support so they can be able to facilitate online music concerts.

The team promised to help in campaigning for the adherence to covid 19 regulations.

Pierra Makena,a favorite DJ to many was also in attendance.She posted a picture on her page.From her caption,It came out as an appreciation and a ray of optimism.

 'When you knock and the door is open,it is upto you to decide what to do with that open door.Each day at a time.Thanks William Samoei Ruto,"she wrote.

From the picture ,the deputy president's shoe got quite a lot of attention.Netizens especially the male gender got to drop comments about the shoe severally.

Check it out right below.

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