Why Satan Approached Eve After Creation


The book of genesis tells us about the creation story. We read that Jesus created things in order. He first created everything within five days and then created man in the sixth day. He did not create both the man and the woman but instead created man. Woman was created later and from the rib of man. God did this to put the man superior and woman below man.

When the serpent came, it received Eve and not Adam. The serpent did this so as to break the order that God had created. God had put man superior than the woman while satan put the woman superior than man. Eve was not to act without authority from Adam but she went ahead to heed to satan without the authority of Adam.

Because of sin fullness of men, women and all human beings from history, Satan has been easily attacking the creation order, family order and church order. When the creation order was destroyed, they could not understand the heaven order deeply. The main reason why satan approached Eve was to destroyed the creation order of which he successfully did. However Christ came and restored this creation order including family order and church order making men understand the heaven order in Christ.

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