3 Major Moves Made By AIB To Discover Why Late Attahiru's Plane Crashed In Kaduna

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The death of Ibrahim Attahiru (Former Chief Of Army Staff) in a plane crash that happened in Kaduna has caused many arguments within the country. A lot of people asked the federal government to investigate the real cause of the plane crash that killed Attahiru.

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However, in order to investigate the incident, AIB (Accident Investigation Bureau) began to conduct an investigation over the plane crash to know what happened during the incident.

Recently, AIB Commissioner (Engr. Akin Olateru) presented the document of their investigation about the plane crash that killed Attahiru to Air Marshal Amao (Chief of Air Staff) at NAF Headquarters in Abuja.

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So, in the report they presented, here are 3 major moves made by AIB to discover why late Attahiru's plane crashed in Kaduna.

AIB Obtained A Lot Of Information During Their Investigation About The Plane Crash That Killed Attahiru.

Immediately AIB was constituted to investigate the plane crash, they went into the field and collected all the necessary data needed to know why the plane crashed in Kaduna state.

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They carried out a lot of forensic investigation in order to know what really happened during the plane crash.

AIB Analyzed The Data And Information They Collected.

Also, after collecting a lot of information about the plane crash, AIB went further to analyze the information they collected with the help of experts in the aviation sector and other related fields.

They made use of various tools to know what really happened to the plane and the reason it crashed.

AIB Made Conclusions From Their Findings And Gave Out Recommendations.

Conclusions about the plane crash that killed Attahiru were made by AIB after they analyzed the data and they gave out recommendations in order to prevent such incident from happening in the future.

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