Huge Blow to Kenyans Without NHIF Cards And Need Government Services in The New Law

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The country has been grappling with the bad effects of Covid-19 pandemic that has left majority poor.People have been forced to give out huge sums of money when getting the Covid-19 treatments in hospitals.Many Kenyans have not been able to foot their bills leading to even harambees in the villages.

The Government has tried to make Kenyans inch closer to getting affordable medication in the hospitals.Currently,all Kenyan women have the free maternity services in all the accredited hospitals in the country.No woman is required to pay for the services unless it comes with complications such as medical operations.

The Government has changed the laws.In the new law,all Kenyans above 18 years old will be required to pay 500 monthly for NHIF insurance.Currently,only 20% of Kenyans are under health insurance covers.This means that a whooping 80% do not have this essential cover.It is now a blow to Kenyans who do not have the NHIF cards and may require government services.Kenyans will now have to produce NHIF cards as a proof when they want such services in the Government offices.This leaves those who are unable to pay with a huge blow.Do you think this is a good step for you as a Kenyan from the government?

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