Opinion:The Difference Between 2021 And 2022. Will There Be Covid-19 pandemic?


The life we are living in is a kind of Journey. Sometimes, we begin well with our dear ones but the ending might not be the same. The only golden opportunity we have is to thank God. Now, we are in the world full of fear. This is due to many sickness and diseases that are spreading in the air and making our lives at risk. Example is Covid-19 pandemic which has killed Many people in the world since 2019.

However, looking back there 2021 has not been easy. Many people have lost jobs. There has been high rates of divorce, Schools have had so much interruption and hence uneffective learnings. Which other thing can you use to define how 2021 has been?

Off course, 2021 has been a year that everybody can't live without mask. But remember to wear that mask since the third wave of the pandemic is spreading faster.

Thereby, I have your solution today. Do you think that Coronavirus is going to continue this way forever? Absolutely no. God can't allow this situation to keep tormenting his people. He gonna make everything right, in Jesus name.

Prophetically, 2022 shall be totally different from 2021. Whatever has been lost shall be restored in this year in Jesus name. All programs shall run as planned. People shall get jobs, marriages shall recover their peace, education sector Won't be interrupted. It Shall be a peaceful Year. Coronavirus is going to end at the end of December 2021. No more cry, no more tears in Jesus Name.

Join with me as we prophesy for 2022 in Jesus Name.

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