Kenyans React To David Ndii's Tweet Tagging Makau Mutua

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David Ndii who is among the allies of Kenya kwanza today tweeted on his twitter page that Can Prof @makaumutua as a co-author of the TJRC report clear the air on the fake document the Raila campaign is circulating on social media about Rigathi Gachagua. What is his responsibility to the public with regard to the integrity of the TJRC report?

Makau tweeted, "Brother David, I wasn’t a member of the TJRC and had nothing to do with its report. But I was Chair of the TJRC task force in 2003. On the matter of your indigestion, however, please ask Mr Gachagua to deny, or confirm, the damning reports of his dark past that are circulating."

Kamau tweeted, "No one not even @TheODMparty takes Makau Mutual seriously. Even he doesn't take himself seriously. Had a chance to see behind the scenes Karuas Kiambu trip. Very very low energy. They're using force instead of coercion. 1990s style where police chiefs etc are forced."

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