Why you should never marry just for love


The word love often come to mind when we talk about marriages. This is so because of it's importance in a marriage. Life is more blissful when we treat each other lovingly. Which is why W.S Gilbert in a popular quote said " love makes the world go round".

Love is not just a feeling, because love founded on feelings and emotions will lead to a failure in marriage. Love is a decision to be considerate towards each other. To dedicate ones time and energy towards making your loved ones and other people happy. But is love alone enough reason to go into the institution called marriage.

 Let's take a look at reasons why we should never marry just for love even if it is a very important part of a marriage.

1) Your partners love for you may change: This is one of the main reasons for most failed marriages. If your marriage is built on emotions "love", and that love dies, then the main connection between the couple's break. People can always fall out of love as easily as they fell in love.

2) Love may not be a strong foundation for marriage: Love should be a catalyst for people to evaluate if and how they can improve each other in various ways. The fact that love can evaporate is enough proof that marriages built on it alone is prone to fail or crumble.

3) The need for respect, compatibility, shared goals, commitment to spiritual and personal growth, drive among other things out weighs that of love alone if we want a blissful and long lasting marriage.

4) God is love and should be the ideal foundation of every marriage giving that he is the originator of the institution called marriage. God's blessings, grace and protection is enough for any marriage. People claim to love each other but most times they don't love their Lord and God who made them.

My point exactly is that we should marry because we see important qualities, in a person that will make him or her a perfect partner who will stick with us faithfully through thick and thin.

What are your thoughts on this.

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