'Arteta Out': Asernal Fans Reacts After Their Team Lost Aganist Liverpool


On Saturday night it was a very bad day for Asernal.this is after they were beaten by their rival team Liverpool.that is three goals.in this season it has been very hard time for Asernal as there performance is not that attracting.

Now Asernal Fans have reacted differently concerning yesterday match.others are blaming the coach for lacking the quality skill to managed the club.


Arteta out! you had an entire year and there was no a positive sign.your should have coached the players very well well.


We have a spectacular squad, able to qualify for champions league,but as you are Aslo addicted to the same routine.you Will give up from the Europa league.

@ Shivan

It's enough from Mikel,please have someone who can take the team to best ranks.

What is you opinion about this,do Mikel Arteta have enough skills to coach the Gunner's? Or should Asernal seek another coach who can manage to coach them? What is your thoughts,kindly Comment down below.share this article with your friends and relatives

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