Tragic Accident Along Jogoo Road Leaving Bodaboda Rider Severely Injured


There has been rampant cases of accidents lately that raises concerns within the transport and safety authorities. Accident cases have now been a norm within the Kenyan roads nationwide.

Earlier today, an accident was reported to have occured along Jogoo Road in Nairobi. The accident involved a passenger bus headed to the central business district and a Bodaboda plowing the same route.

Sources reveal that both motorists were trying to beat traffic that was starting to develop. The bus eventually reduced it's speed to the traffic limits shown by the roadsigns.

It is purported that the bodaboda may have been distracted for a moment while under the relatively high speed he was riding. This made him hit the bus from behind and the loud bang caused a standstill in traffic.

He was thrown over the motorcycle and hit the bus terribly before falling to the ground with alot of blood oozing. Reports reveal that he was severely Injured as one of the pedestrians tried performing first-aid to reduce the rate of blood loss.

He has been reportedly rushed to the nearest hospital for medical attention as the police have arrived at the scene to handle the situation.

The motorbike has been taken to the station as investigations continue. Motorists are advised to adhere to the safety protocols in place.