Signs she Wants a Serious Relationship With you


1. They hint about their long term relationship goals such as having children, getting married or living together.

2. Their past relationship have primarily been long term

3. She asks you about your dating history. This is because she knows what she wants and she is looking for a confirmation in you as along term partner

4. She has started making micro commitments. Small signs of commitment includes;I love you, I want to meet your friends and family and many others

5. She has booked the two of you for plans, months in advance. If she is happy booking you too to go for events and parties is a good sign that she's happy where the relationship is heading

6. She wants you to meet her family and friends. If she is interested in you meeting her friends and family shows she's seriously in love with you

7. They open up to you. People who less likely open up about their aspects of life likely wants serious relationship with you. For example what they want to do in future and also sharing their past experiences to you

8. Talking to you is a priority for them. They may reach out throughout the day to see how you are doing and the point is they don't leave your calls and messages hanging

9. They want to learn how best to resolve issues with you. Everyone in relationship must be aware of of ups and downs and they must find a perfect way of solving such situations

10. She wants to start traditions with you