Samthing Soweto addresses his cause of weight loss and say his lifestyle change contributed

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Samthing Soweto finally breaks the silence after social media people where concerned about his health after the weight loss, a video was shaby Musa Khawula with the following caption: Samthing Soweto addresses his weight loss journey and say his lifestyle which contributed towards him losing weight.

Samthing Soweto says it is true that I lost weight and you guys are right about that and I would like to thank everyone who is concerned, yes I go through a lot but I won't like to share that because they are personal stuff but thank you for the prayer and we'll wishes.

Further said but you are wrong I am not dying I just changed my life style and the things I do results to weight loss such as physical exercises, I appreciate the care that you people do not forget us as artists because we also need need to be checked up on not bullied on social media all the time.

Samthing Soweto confirmed that he is not sick and his results of weight loss is because of the activities that he does and they help one lose weight, but he is going through a lot but unfortunately he can't share because they are personal issues.

He also appreciate the love and support he receives from fans, with such kindness we would see lesser suicide on the media sometimes showing love to people motivate and encourage them to continue fighting against all odds.

Just like what happened to Samthing Soweto fans noticed that his weight loss and immediately sent their concernt until it reached him and today he is grateful for that gratitude toward him as an South Africa young Artist.

Fans should do this to other artists and friends too, show love and care to people around you while time still allows you.

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