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My story might be similar to most of those who write for Opera News. Nonetheless, I believe it's worth sharing. I am very passionate about writing and for a while, I looked for several avenues to publish what I wrote. I oftentimes wrote articles for people to publish, some in the newspapers and others on my blog, as well as those of friends amongst others.

But along the line, I realized some of these friends were taking advantage of me. Because most of them did not even give me credit for being the original writer of the articles I wrote for them. So eventually I stopped writing articles and just concentrated on doing my designs and cartoon artworks.

I also kept on with my trend of posting my poems and sometimes fictional stories for people to read. I also had the opportunity of writing scripts for movie productions and adverts. But I was still not satisfied with just that and still had that burning desire to write more articles, precisely news articles. So I took the opportunity of venturing in a new direction to see if it will satiate my unfed desire to write articles. I started doing spoken word.

Mind you I originally started writing poems way back in 2005, as a means of letting out my emotions, and trust me I had a lot of emotions to let out, so I had several poems. Then I started writing some of my poems for my church's youth bulletin.

After a while, I stopped writing altogether and was just doing designing stuff. I was just okay doing my design stuff and I was enjoying it and making money from it. So what more could I ask for?

But enter 2019 and here comes covid-19, which took a wicked swing at my line of business. People were no longer doing much printing, and I was making more from printing than just designing. So I was stuck at home with no job and a ton of stories from my many years of not picking up the pen.

I decided that this time around I had to be very tactical and fruitful with my venture into writing. I could not do it for free, but I still had to maintain that sort of freedom that made me enjoy writing so much. So I needed an avenue where I could showcase my works, maintain my freedom and still make money from writing. that was when I discovered OperaNewsHub.

Not only was it offering me the freedom to write the articles, but it was also providing me a channel to reach more audiences with my articles and get paid for them. It was like finding the perfect meal combination or finding the woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with. This was true work and happiness. I get to write about the things happening around me, share my opinion on trending topics and break the news as it happens, and get paid for it. All I had to do was to maintain a level of professionalism in my writings. What more could I ask for. I had found a better way to continue my writing and I was loving it.

Thank you OperaNewsHub for the opportunity to be great at what I love doing.

Felix_Kwasi_Annan newshub-gh@operanewshub.com

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