Opinions: BBI Is A Wolf In Sheep Clothing, It Should Be Rejected At All Cost.


In recent years, we have witnessed alot of thing that have been happening in our country. Political class have been trying to pull the string towards their favour.

After the 2017 election, President Uhuru and opposition leader Raila Amolo Odinga came up with what they termed handshake. The handshake bred Building Bridge initiative BBI which the two brothers believed will end the post election animosity.

I am sceptical about their believes because of the Following.

Firstly, If truly the purpose of BBI is to unite all Kenyans, Why did it leave out Dp Ruto creating the two antagonist camps like Tangatanga and Kieleweke. Why did Raila leave out his allies in the NASA coalition? A true and inclusive uniting document wouldn't have left out those big political fish. Infact if all of them were involved, maybe we couldn't have headed to a referendum.

Secondly, the country is torn between those supporting BBI and those against it. This is not unification as they purportedly want us to believe, instead it is the division of the highest order.

Thirdly, If the BBI document is really good, why are they keen in pushing it down our throats. If Kenyans don't want it, why are the proponents hell-bent to see it go through? This BBI seems to have hidden agenda or it is preparing us for a feast. Someone somewhere wants to roast us for his political mileage.

´╗┐Fourthly, Seniors Counsel James Orengo and Otiende Amollo stands on BBI and how they responded to it depicted the deepest secret. They seemed to contradict themselves in the Court of Appeal. Orengo and Otiende, while seated in the Court, cuts a picture of a man who is defeated. They had no convincing power or spirit, they were just there because their masters have said so. Someone somewhere might be using our best Legal brains to bring us down. May the Almighty God help them get through the storm.

Fiveth, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his perceived friend Raila Odinga, who are the two sons of dynasty shouldn't take Kenyans for a ride. We, Kenyans know that an expanded executive will burden us through heavy taxation in order to pay those government workers. As at now, the price of basic needs has skyrocketed and an increase in number of government employees spell doom to an already hailing economy.

Sixth, the two brothers, who shouldered Junet Mohamed and Waweru as the actual promoter of BBI document shouldn't mutilate our constitution for their own unsatisfied appetite. The 2010 constitution is believed to be the best in the world. The first in command President Uhuru Kenyatta should retire honourable when his time comes.

Seventh, the head of state should not allow opposition leader Raila Odinga to hover around him and help in mutilating our constitution; it is the only hope we commoners have. While taking an oath of office, the president promised to protect and defend our constitution at all time. I pray that the president walk the talk. The 2010 constitution was brought forward by Raila, how all of a sudden it is not good any more? I sensationally sense danger in his (Raila) moves.

In conclusion, the head of state should Know that, "power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely."

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