"Arudi Shule" Fans Chant on Nameless' Latest Post With Trio Mio

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If there is one male musician that has grown direct to fame with a lightning speed, call him Mario TJ Kasela, popularly known by his stage name, Trio Mio. This is because of his great musical talent despite his young age of 18 Years, and his creativity followed by hardwork.Photo//Courtesy

Few minutes ago musician Nameless has uploaded a post of him having a pause with Trio Mio, whom they have featured a collabo recently. On his post, he asks Kenyans to help on how he should advice Trio Mio as a new generation artist.The reactions of most of his fans have followed the worries between Trio Mio's studies and his music career, who is currently studying at home. Majority tells Nameless to advice him to go back to school and that education is important and power.

From your knowledge, what's the best advice for Trio Mio as he studies at home as well as pushing his talent? Follow as we meet in the comments section. 

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