Yaw Tog in hot soup after his freestyle rap entitled “ME” surfaced online. See reactions from people


Thorsten Owusu Gyimah popularly know as YAW TOG is a fast rising hip hop artist from Kumasi, Ghana who has now gotten his name and music onto the list of top musicians currently in Ghana. He is sometimes rated over top musician/rappers in the country. His hit song entitled ‘SORE’ was all that did the magic for him. The hit song is currently enjoying over 2 million views and streams. This young rapper is still a member of Opoku Ware Senior High School in the Ashanti region. The hit song saw a remix with Ghanaian U.K. born rapper Stormzy and Kwesi Arthur which also turned out to a massive single released by this young talented boy. The original song went far to the extent of winning him the Hip Hop song of the year at 3Music Awards.

He is a Kumasi/Asaaka Drill music artiste which is also the Ghanaian version of Drill music. Both the initial and remix song has received a lot of nominations on many platforms.Him not long ago has released a freestyle entitled ‘ME’ and this freestyle saw him rap in British accent. He somehow bragged about himself in the rap. This at some level of thought should not be anything to be talked about but some social media users have brutally criticized his new style. Some even said he has drop from BET “ Amplified International Artist” of the month to a Talented Kids contestant. Many said he was loosing his style of rap because he was coping that of Stormzy.Despite all these critics, a fan encouraged him to continue with whatever he is up to. She said; He is Doing Stormzy’s Style. Stormzy will hear of it and will be overwhelmed so why are you all bashing him? He is smartly certifying his connect with Stormzy and will continue with his style better.

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