Forget cross dressers - These photos will teach men how to rock skirts stylishly

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Women have been wearing men's clothing for as long as l can remember. Aside gay men and cross dressers who tend to put on women's clothing, most men do not like the idea in addition to the fact that many believe that it won't suit men.

As a Nigerian, you probably most have seen people tying a wrapper, not even a skirt. In the Southern part of Nigeria for example, the Ijaws, tie wrapper as their cultural outfit. Whether or not you have seen a man wearing a woman's clothing before, you still need to feed your eyes to these photos. Though some of the photos are hilarious, especially the ones directly below:

This article is aimed at showing the men ways to creatively and stylishly rock women's clothing, especially men with a slender body, as they sure will rock the look in the pictures directly below. The model rocking a skirt while Jaden Smith is wearing what looks like a mini gown.

Do you know that rappers, singers, and actors like Kanye West, Snoop Dog, P Diddy, R Kelly, Jaden Smith, Vin Diesel, Samuel Jackson, Omar Epps have all worn a skirt or kilt as it it is called by Scottish on one occasion or severally?

The man in the pictures below rocking a suit with a skirt and a high heel shoe seems to have taken it up a notch with the whole women outfit. The only thing missing is the hair and jewelry (laughs). If not for his bald head, and calf, the outfit looks stylish.

This fellow in the picture below decided to go big by rocking what looks like a Cinderella gown that has a suit kind of touch to it. Though this look is bold and elegant, l strongly advise that you as a man living in Nigeria not to wear it.

Below are other pictures of men wearing women's clothing.

From the pictures above, l hope that you are convinced of how stylish a man wearing a woman's cloth could look.

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