Khanyi Mbau sister reveals a secret about what her daughter did.

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Khan Mbau is no doubt one of the most loved celebrities in South Africa and there is no doubt about that.

She is no doubt a hard worker and she has done so many great things and not only for her family but her career as well.

She has a daughter and we saw a lot of her on her reality television show when it played on bet Africa.

She is an actress by profession and she has acted on quite a lot of great telenovela's and movies as well that people love very much.

Khanyi Mbau also showed us on her reality show all her siblings and she is close to all of them.

They always go to vacations together and also have lunches together as well as siblings and they love each other so much.

Khanyi's older sister who has three kids posted them and she revealed something about the first born daughter.see below What she said.

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