Inside Jackie Appiah's Luxurious Mansion- video

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The renowned actress has taste for luxurious things but have you wondered how her house looks like? The architecture and beauty is mind blowing.

Jackie entered the chart of most expensive homes in Ghana when Luchy shared a video of Jackie's house when she took a tour there.

Everything in the house talks money, from the marble floor, top security doors, furniture to the interior decor.

Every part of the mansion is so attractive that each has a story to tell.

Money cannot buy happiness but one cannot be sad in this newly erected mansion.

The mansion has a large swimming pool, a VIP area, park area that showed her luxury cars, a dining and sitting area, a private lounge, an office space, a walk-in closet, an automated toilet seat, a lighting effect and others that showed she really spent on the mansion.

The land size occupied by the luxurious mansion is not known but it covers a larger portion of land.The mansion was undoubtedly designed with passion.

You probably may wonder why she has a luxurious home and still spend most of her time outside Ghana.

Watch the video with the link below.

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