OPINION PIECE: I think it's time the government uplift the ban of the cigarettes


The lockdown cigarette ban has cost TreasuryRSA approximately R2.73 billion in lost excise alone.The money was going to help our country alot for example:Help disadvantaged people with food,maybe create jobs, fixing few schools that were vandalised,Social relief for taxi industry and buying more tests for testing the pandemic.The sale ban needs to end 

South Africa is only one of three countries in the world to have a ban on cigarettes 

I propose that the government should ban consumption of tobacco in public place with the risk of a fine if broken, because this country really needs every cent possible in a collapsed economy.

Tomorrow when our country is dirt poor, asking for loans from China...we will remember how we got here #Cigarettesban ..so much money lost cause government were trying to prove an unreasonable point. Yes we know smoking kills...what's new?

All cigarette smokers,lets stand up for our rights and fight the Government for abusing their power on people who smoke tobacco.

I'm non-smoker by the way.

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