There Is Nothing Wrong With The Dress Ama Abena Wore, The Students Should Rather Be Punished-Fans


Ama Abena is a Kantanka TV Host who has captured lots of hearts with her media expliots.She is just a brilliant role model for many people in the country.She is mostly mistaken for a model due to her unique physique

However fans of the beautiful presenter have defended her today after a video of her went viral.According to the fans, there was nothing wrong with the dress Ama Abena wore and that the students should rather be punished

Most of the fans who had the opportunity to see the video indicated that the celebrity only dressed to look good and knew little about the chaos she caused in the entire school with her huge backside

Other said most of students who were drooling over body were females hence they were the ones at fault in the first place.Others pleaded for no one to be punished because the children were just admiring her and that was perfectly normal

What can you say to this? Have you ever found yourself in this kind of situation? Share your experience with us. Kindly drop your comments below

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