Over Mihlali's outburst, Ntsiki Mazwai slams Slik Talk.

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It all started when the YouTuber mocked Mihlali's personal life, claiming that she could never be in the same level as Bonang Matheba.

"Bonang is a plastic replica of Mihlali. She's a lesser-talented Bonang, a Bonang clone. And a knockoff will never be as good as the original."

Ntsiki, who called out male vloggers, was irritated by his reaction.

"Damn. Even Slik Talk is envious of Mihlali's celebrity. Phuma kwindaba zabafazi uyazimenya ntwana phuma kwindaba zabafazi uyazimenya ntwana phuma kwindaba zabafazi"

"When males podcast, my issue is that the only thing they have is to trash women. They have to talk about women because no one listens to them when they talk about themselves "Ntsiki used a statement popularized by Queen B in a tweet.

Ntsiki shut down the TL earlier this year after Podcast and Chill presenter MacG said he invited her to talk on Ari Lennox's Twitter outburst calling Africans "peasants," to which she reportedly reacted with a R70k demand.

She said that by having her on the show, the podcast hosts were attempting to "sanitize" their brand.

"No one will try to sanitize their platforms using my brand."

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