"When Boaz Saw Ruth She Was Working, Not Twerking" Maame Esi's Post On Facebook Causes Confusion


Social Media has been a place or a platform where most people in this contemporary world use to express themselves, voice out their perspective about things and it is an avenue to let people know you.

Just like i havw already explained, a lady who goes with the name Maami Esi Jane took to social media, precisely Facebook to let the whole world, the entire fans on Facebook, and the fans of 'Tell it all' know her thinking or perspective of what happened between Boaz and Ruth live story in the Bible.

Maami Esi posted a picture where a lady was seen picking certain things from a farm of which she called Ruth and other workers working as well. Maami Esi's post had a writing on it saying, " When Boaz saw Ruth she was working, not twerking."

And on this same picture and page she wrote or she asked a very question, "Am I Communicating"?

So her social media fans and the fans of the 'Tell it all' platform reacted to what she posted. Some of them were in favor of the information she was trying to send to the fans on the platform and others were heavily against her for such revelation.

Below are some of the comments the fans on that Facebook platform gave in response to Maami Esi's post.

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