Imbuwu: Gunshots as gender based violence takes a different turn - leaving Mzansi in tears

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(opinion)Imbuwu: Gunshots as gender based violence takes a different turn- leaving Mzansi in tears

We were recently introduced to the character of Lulu, who was born a man but has transitioned to a woman.

Lulu has found the man she loves and whom we believe loves her too. Landile is not aware that Lulu was born a women. He decided that he wants to introduce Lulu to his family, little does she know that Lulu is not who he thinks she is.

After hearing the great news, Lulu decides to come clean. She decides to tell Landile the truth hoping he would understand but their relationship takes a different turn.

Landile feels ashamed to even look at Lulu. He decides to do the unexpected to her. Landile, with the help of two goons, kidnap and beat Lulu, leaving her injured in the middle of nowhere. 

Is this gender-based violence or is Landile just upset??would Landile have dated Lulu had he known about her secret??? please leave a comment, tell us what you think about Landile's behaviour.

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