Muslims Busted Into Anger As A Supposedly Image Of Prophet Muhammad Appears In Pupil's Textbook


Recently, the Voltarians got to know that some content of the Badu Nkansah series and Golden English for children in primary have tagged them as 'juju' people among other tribalistic comments about their ethnic group. This issue is not completely solved as the Voltarians demands that all the textbooks must be burnt to ashes. There seems to be more books under this new educational reform which is causing more trouble.

The picture above was taken from a primary textbook under the new curriculum by a Facebook user known as Kweku Edudzie and posted in NDC EYE Facebook group. In his Facebook comment on this book he said that, "Long awaiting picture of Prophet Muhammad is out. Thanks to Akufool Addo's educational reform". The Muslims do not have any accepted image of Prophet Muhammad in their Holy Quran just like the Christians do not also have correct image of Jesus Christ.

But this primary textbook provides the image of the birth of Prophet Muhammad, meaning Amina is the one holding his son, Prophet Muhammad in the picture above. The author of the book might think of making his book more understandable to pupils at that level but did not consult the norms and practices of the Islamic Religion to see if they have any accepted image of Prophet Muhammad.

Some Ghanaians blame the President of the land, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his team for not doing their work well. These books during our time in primary were not in existence. Now because of introduction new curriculum by this government without sufficient check ups and teaching and learning material, any writer will just sit in his room and manufacture textbooks for children. Checking of textbooks for approval before sales seems to be very low these days.

These are some of the reactions from Ghanaians after coming across this post on Facebook:

Komla Rudolf Nti said that, "Real Muslims are mad and furious about any picture of Muhammad. The writers should start hiding because these my cousins won't give a threat without action. When have they ever seen any Muslim referring to any picture as Muhammad's?"

Duke Oyeah, "Is this a truism that the author produced this image as that of the Prophet of Islam? If so, the security agents should immediately questioned his motives to prevent an escalation of positive reactions from the Muslim fraternity".

Alhaji Ahmed, "If indeed it's true, steps must be taking immediately to withdraw that books before it's too late. If not Ghana as a country is going to face the wrath of the entire Muslim world. We Muslims do not make mockry with our Prophet".